FOR is an Australian not for profit organisation that operates at a grassroots level to help the people of Rambutso in PNG achieve self-sufficiency and a sustainable future.

Mission Statement

FOR is a volunteer based organisation focused on three critical areas: health, education, conservation and preservation. We work in partnership with Rambutso communities to jointly identify and deliver projects in these areas. We reach beyond Rambutso to identify and source the expertise and resources of external agencies and provincial institutions that would otherwise be unavailable.

Key Focus Areas

Health is FOR Life

FOR works to improve health outcomes by addressing the chronic need for access to clean drinking water due to changing weather patterns. We are also focused on the special role of women in effecting improvements in the health and well-being of the family and the community overall as well as on lifting the accessibility of medical and allied health professionals, health educators (nutrition, HIV/AIDS) and critical equipment on Rambutso.

Education is FOR Hope

FOR works to empower Rambutso communities (students, youth, women, men, elders) by engaging them in opportunities to acquire additional and relevant skills which enhance self-reliance, independence and social unity and provide hope for the future.

Conservation & Preservation is FOR Yumi Olgeta

FOR works to achieve broad community engagement in valuing, preserving and celebrating local customs and traditions, culture, history and natural assets. In doing so, our goal is to help Rambutso communities better manage their valuable assets in a way that provides benefits today as well as for future generations.

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